Terms & conditions

Important information/booking information:

(*) Only applies when booking the „inn-category„. At full occupancy, accommodation will be in an equivalent house within a radius of 10 km.
(**) Luggage transport at least 2 persons. When the luggage transport is used it´s mandatory for all tour participants. Only 1 piece of luggage per person. Free luggage transport from the Hotel "Zum Goldenen Schiff" to the train station in Enns.


Prices quoted are in Euro including VAT and local tax.

Child discount:

children up to 15 years get a 20% discount when booking the same room as parents.
luggage transfer: € 40,- per child

Booking / payment:

The offer can only be booked via the Radstadt Tourist Association specifying the desired accommodation category.
After booking, you will immediately receive a confirmation with a request for an advance payment amounting to 20 % of the price. The deposit occurs no earlier than eleven months before the agreed end of the trip and amounts to 20% of the tour price or, within the 11 months, immediately after receiving the booking confirmation.
Upon transferring your payment to our bank account, you accept the terms and conditions (www.hotelverband.at/down/AGBH_englisch.pdf). Upon receipt of the deposit the booking is binding. The balance must be paid no earlier than 20 days prior to departure. Additional down payments and final payment may not be demanded and are not secured. Guarantor or insurer is the town of Radstadt (Bank Guarantee v. 12.06.2003).

Travel documents:

Will be sent to you by post before arrival. For short-term bookings, the documents are deposited at your accommodation.

Passport and visa requirements:

Identity card suffices, no visa, no vaccinations.

Liability and limitation of liability:

Participation in this tour is at your own risk. Minors may only participate in the tour when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Each participant is responsible that they are healthy enough for the trip. Compliance with the Road Traffic Act also is the responsibility of the participant.  


All travelers who are on trips organised by us are insured with the Stadtgemeinde Radstadt, Stadtplatz 17, A 5550 Radstadt, (bank guarantee of 12/06/2003). Direct claims from individual travelers go to the Stadtgemeinde Radstadt (local council). This applies for payments that have already been made, if the travel service is not provided in full or in part due to the insolvency of the organiser. As per §7 para. 1/Z4 RSV we hereby announce that we do not require down payments exceeding 20% of the tour price up to two weeks before the start of the trip. The liability of the Stadtgemeinde Radstadt to the customer is limited to the price the customer has paid for the trip and, in case of damages, it is limited to the total insured sum. If the insured sum for settling all claims is not sufficient, the demands of the customers are satisfied with the partial amount. All claims will become void if they are not recorded with the liquidator within 8 weeks from the onset of insolvency (Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG, Kratochwjlestr. 4, 1220 Vienna, Tel.: +43(01)3172500, Fax: +43/(01)3172500-199).

Other conditions and agreements:

a) These conditions apply unless separate agreements have been made in individual travel contracts.
b) Obvious printing or calculation errors provide justification for the Tourism Association to contest the travel contract.
c) Court of jurisdiction: The location of the headquarters of the organiser.
d) If individual conditions do not apply, this does not imply that the entire travel contract does not apply.
e) No refund is possible for services of any type that are not consumed.
f) Headquarters of the organiser: Tourismusverband Radstadt, Stadtplatz 17, A 5550 Radstadt, Tel.: +43-6452-7472; Fax: +43-6452-6702; info@radstadt.com; www.radstadt.com;
g) The general trip conditions (http://www.hotelverband.at/down/AGBH_englisch.pdf) , also apply. You receive these with the confirmation of booking, and you confirm that you agree to them by transferring your payment.

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